Friday, April 25, 2014

“Matter: Mass and Weight.”

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Dear Readers.
In my class we are learning about Matter Mass and weight here are the vocabulary's conservation of mass which means that it is a fundamental principle of science stating that matter cannot be created or destroyed in a closed system. what that is trying to say is that the a fundamental principle of science stating that matter cannot be created or, it's trying to say that you cannot create it or destroy in a closed system. Another one of the vocab is detect detect means to try and look for something it, you could be looking for a crime weapon but just have something to look for it with, and try to think if you would be in that same situation what would you do. Kilogram is all about finding how much pounds it has like if you are at the store looking for food you would go to the place where you weigh the food and, see how much pounds or kilogram it ways it just find how much it ways. Mass when we think about mass we start to think about the amount it has just like kilogram but mass is trying to find the amount of weight in an object, like an Water Mellon when you are weighing them you might already know that is going to have a lot of mass. The next one is matter when we think of matter we think of of mass because it has weight, matter has material and takes up some kind of space that's what I got from Discovery Education half of what I wrote I learned from Discovery Education and every thing ells that I write is from Discovery Education. My next one is measure as we all know about measure we use it almost every day in our life's, like when we need to see if the withe of the area will be to wide for this place, measure is just trying to find how big or wide something is. The next one up is metric system now when we are talking about the metric system we think about a system, just like based on multiple of a number of ten that's what I got from Discovery Education in it's inter active dictionary. Here's our next on solid when we think of solid we just think of a shape that is like hard so we call it solid, but what we don't know is that solid has matter and it also is fixed up plus it has a volume of a shape. Here we go substance is a non living matter or where things are composed. are lucky one is vacuum is an area where there is no matter near it or close to it. Here we go volume(sound) is when the sound is loud or if its low in a soft beat like country music. One more water is like a mixture of hydrogen and oxygen mixed together to create water. Our last one is weight is the force that you put on something like a bike you are putting your weight on it so that you can stay on it. P.S. I got most of the things from Discovery Education

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